Let me present you: Modern Offensive, the tactical shooter, that has newer guns, than Global Offensive. Am I looking cool enough? We'll find out.
Dive into new maps
The mod get you to see new battlefields! Some have new layout, other got they deserved pretty look.
Try new firearms
As I said. Some weapons may look simmular, others can't be recognised. But in fact, they are all deadly.
Find new ways to win
This might make this game not copetitive as other, but we got some DZ features here. You might like them.
We got Battlegrounds!
These maps may remind you of Nuke, Dust II, inferno and Canals. You'll understand why.
We found some really modern types of weapons. They look simmular, because these are newer versions of known ones.
We got something heavy here.
Why don't you try a better armor, if you're tired being getting killed, while trying to helping your team to defend?
New style of buying stuff
This brings to us some more realistic buying system to the game. Though some magic with weapons immediately getting in your hands may still be confusing..
May come with map too!
We also got some cool grenades for maching the game style!
Some more additions?
Yes! I'm extited to show them!
You can use this solid cover to help your teammates! Or to to make your heavy character even more heavier..
Use breach charges for punishing blind rushers, breaking doors with style and faking bomb plants! Beware, they can be "defused" even more easily than C4 itself.
Use new taser to stun your opponets!
It's now not as deadly, yet still effective. You now have some extra shots and also can get items from victim you tase!
Can you try it?
Yes! the first map and weapons pack is out! The only problen is installing this, because it isn't so simple for now..
But if you manage to install, share your screenshots with your frinds and other people with #modernoffensive to spread the mod!
Have fun!
Reddit: r/ModernOffensive. Twitter: csmo_dev
Questions? You may ask them..

How to install it?

There's a manual in files, but I'll make a proper Steam Guide for that.

Where can I play it?

You can play it with your friends in lobby (friend will need to install it too) or on server with this mod, which will be created by other players. You can setup your own for that!

Will you need to pay for Steam version?

No, the Steam Version will be free. If you want to support the development, we will have a patreon as Steam Version will start developing.

When will it come out?

I can't name the date of Steams Realease but the launch of mod should this autumn!

I have a suggestion to make the game even cooler!

You can post your thoughts in out Discord channel or Reddit page! I'm sure I'll see it!

Have you created all yourself?

This it mostly community's and Valve's creations for now. But if you manage to like it and get this at least 75-80% popular as Classic Offensive, I'll do like ZooL did (Steam Release!)